GrubTerra Coop Refresher

GrubTerra Coop Refresher

75X more calcium - Stronger Eggshells
No Preservatives - 100% Natural
Sustainably raised in in USA, Costa Rica, and Indonesia
Proud to be an American Run Business
Packaged in USA
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Coop Refresher

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Our Promise



Extended-Release Formula: Our Coop deodorizer features an innovative extended-release technology, gradually dispensing deodorizing agents to provide sustained freshness. Each inner bag ensures up to 4 weeks of freshness, with a total duration of up to 15 weeks!

Potent Essential Oils: Crafted with meticulously chosen aromatic essential oils, our deodorizer effectively combats even the most intense chicken coop odors, leaving a pleasant and fresh fragrance that conceals unpleasant smells.

Non Toxic and Non Abrasive: Our deodorizer is designed with the safety of your birds in mind, made from natural vermiculite with a hydrophobic coating that is completely non-toxic and non-abrasive. It is entirely safe for both animals and humans, providing a worry-free environment.

Dry and Non-Clumping: Our innovative process coats natural vermiculite grains with a hydrophobic layer and uses microcapsule technology to encapsulate essential oils. This method ensures a gradual release and diffusion of the oils, preventing direct contact with animals and keeping the granules dry and non-clumping.

Extended Bedding Life: Our deodorizer effectively combats odors, helping to prolong the life of your chickens' bedding. By eliminating unpleasant smells, the bedding stays fresher for longer, reducing the frequency of replacements.

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High in protein and Omega 3s to help build muscle and promote a healthy coat

Beef + Salmon raised/caught in the USA.

Freeze dried to retain freshness for up to 12 months unopened.

Made with fresh ingredients for optimal nutrition.

GrubTerra Sustainably Produced Feed


All our larvae are grown in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. Never from China!


GrubTerra’s black soldier fly larvae are raised on a nutritious diet of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates giving them a healthy balanced diet.


GrubTerra’s black soldier fly larvae are raised off of food waste that would have been thrown into landfills and for every 1 pound of grubs purchased 20 pounds of waste was diverted from landfills


No additives. No preservatives. 100% natural. Also great for ducks, turkeys, and other fowl, as well as wild birds and fish!


With 75x more calcium than mealworms, GrubTerra grubs will help your flock lay strong and consistent eggs.


GrubTerras Grubs promote stronger eggshells and help hens increase their energy levels and egg production. Grubterra Grubs are also a great supplement during molting season and in the cold winter months!

Trusted by many dog owners!

My dogs go crazy for these treats, they are obsessed more than I've seen them with any dog treat. I also love the positive environmental impact of this company and they are great for their coat!

Mallory And Scott N.

I love that my girls (hens) love this amazing product so much! I love even more how Grub Terra is helping our planet by reducing food waste. USA product! And our dog's even love their Bully Bites. My husband and I proudly support this company, and we think you should as well!

Mallory And Scott N.

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