Grubterra Black Chicken

GrubTerra Sustainably Produced Feed

GrubTerra up cycles food waste using black soldier fly larvae to produce a healthy feed for chickens, fish, reptiles and birds!

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GrubTerra Video Review

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GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Natural! Never processed! No preservatives!

Environmentally focused. GrubTerra works on reducing waste that enters landfills by up-cycling food waste from local restaurants and supermarkets. This reduces the output of methane gas from landfills which is 10X more potent than CO2 gas!

GrubTerra Healthy And Fresh Dried Treats

Healthy Treats! Dried and Fresh!

GrubTerra focuses on raising the highest quality black soldier fly larvae to provide a nutritious feed for your animals. With our larvae being high in protein, fats and calcium they are a perfect well balanced feed for your pets.

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