Grubterra recycles 20 lbs of food waste per 1 lb of chicken feed.

6,872,380+ lbs

Of Food Waste Recycled

High Quality & Environmentally friendly feeds/treats for poultry and pets

GrubTerra is a social impact company that focuses on creating a sustainable feed source for livestock and pets. While also helping to reduce landfill waste. Our black soldier fly larvae are sourced from the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. All our farms source their food waste from local breweries, supermarkets, farmer's markets, and large agriculture farms. We operate out of New Jersey, where we spend every day focusing on how to make the world healthier with every product we sell!

Grub Terra’s Commitment

75x more calcium than mealworms for stronger eggs and faster feather growth.

GrubTerra's larvae are farm raised in the USA, Canada, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. Supporting small farms around the world.

GrubTerra upcycles local food waste, reducing landfill impact and cutting methane emissions for a greener world.

Unadulterated Purity. No Additives.' in place of Naturally Pure. No Preservatives.

Buy the best from GRUB TERRA

Grubb Terra Dried Larvae - For Chicken

Global Sustainably Raised Larvae
Nutrient-Rich Balanced Diet
Stronger Eggs & Healthy Feathers
Preservative-Free 100% Natural Nutrition

Grubb Terra Fresh Black Soldier 
Fly Larvae - For Reptiles

Safe Substrate for Reptiles
Cold Weather Preparedness
Weather - Smart Delivery
Sustainable Packing
Safe substrate for reptiles

GrubTerra Dog Treats

Sourced from the USA!
Nutrient-Rich! Big treats!
Easy to chew
Preservative-Free! Freeze dried for freshness!

Grub Terra's Nurturing Journey: From Sourcing to Your Pet's Bowl

Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Grub Terra begins by sourcing high-quality, sustainable ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring the freshness and nutritional value of the feed.

Sustainable Larvae Farming

Once sourced, the ingredients, especially black soldier fly larvae, are carefully raised on sustainable farms in locations such as the U.S.A, Canada, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. These larvae are fed a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates derived from local food waste, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Rigorous Quality Control

Throughout the larvae farming process, Grub Terra implements rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that the larvae thrive in a healthy and controlled environment. This includes regular monitoring of their diet, living conditions, and overall well-being.

Harvesting and Processing

The larvae are harvested at optimal stages of development, ensuring peak nutritional content. The harvesting process is followed by careful processing,

Packaging with Care

Grub Terra takes pride in its commitment to delivering fresh and high quality products. The larvae are packaged thoughtfully, often in small tubs containing 500+ fresh larvae. The packaging may include coconut husk substrate, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the larvae.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer fast and free shipping. We have shipping times
of under 7 days.

Happy Chicken = Healthy Eggs

once the grubs are delivered you will see feel and notice a difference in your chickens feathers, eggs and lives.

Trusted by many chicken lovers!

I love that my girls (hens) love this amazing product so much! I love even more how Grub Terra is helping our planet by reducing food waste. USA product! And our dog's even love their Bully Bites. My husband and I proudly support this company, and we think you should as well!

Mallory And Scott N.

See What’s the Experts are Saying About Grub Terra

See What’s the Experts are Saying About Grub Terra