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Going down on this article, you will learn the importance of each feed in our chickens and how this feed affects their growth and development.

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Chicken started feed is the required feed given to newly hatched chicks until 18 weeks, which helps establish bone health and immunity. In addition, it has a high protein content that helps chickens grow for the first few months of their life. It is designed to help chicks' digestive systems take advantage of grains' nutrients.

Chick Starter Feed


Grower feed is intended for pullets 5 to 19 weeks old. Compared to starter feed, the nutrient composition of this feed is much less than the starter diet. It has 16% crude protein for pullets and 20 percent crude protein for broilers. However, the energy content is higher than starter feed because the chickens are already grown and tend to perform habitual activities that enervate them.

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Suppose you want to create your layer feed, you must have these common ingredients: Oat goat, Regular naked oats, Black sunflower seeds, Hard red wheat, soft white wheat, Kamut flour, Millet, Whole corn, Crack corn, Popcorn, Lentils, Peas, Sesame seeds, Brewers’ yeasts, Sea kelp, Alfalfa, Barley, Fish meal, Flaxseed, Food-grade lime or aragonite. 

If you are unsure of the amount of each ingredient, better purchase a commercial one. With this, you can ensure that you are giving your chicken the proper amount of nutrients their body needs, especially the amount of protein.





Scratch feed is made from different seeds and grains, like cracked corn, barley, wheat, oats, or sunflower seeds. Scratch believes that originated from farmers who throw out their leftover grains and seed for birds and chickens to rummage through. It's like a treat to them. 


Incorporating grub worms and mealworms into your chickens' diet can offer an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients. Grub, including black fly larvae, is a natural and sustainable option for enhancing your poultry's diet. For those looking to add these beneficial insects to their feed regimen, meal worms for sale can be found from reputable suppliers, offering a convenient way to provide your chickens with a protein boost.

  • Soybean Meal is the dominant protein supplement used in chicken feed. Soybean can be fed as a whole, meal, or by-product of oil extraction. Soybean meal has a high protein content in all ingredients, especially compared to other plant protein sources. Aside from protein, it has a high Amino Acid that complements corn, the primary energy source in poultry diets. 
  • Canola Meal is the major component of a nutritionally balanced diet in all types of poultry feed. It has an excellent amino acid profile, an excellent source of sulfur-containing amino acid, and sometimes an economic advantage when formulating a digestible amino acid basis. 
  • Corn or Maize is the cereal grain choice for poultry feed in the United States. Corn is a go-to energy source in poultry feed, low in fiber, and the most accessible grain for chickens to digest. 

  • Wheat Midds are usually used in Western Canada and Europe as part of the poultry diet. Wheat has 94% to 96% energy and a high protein, amino acids, lysine, and tryptophan content than corn. It also has gluten that helps eliminate the need for pellets binders when making pellets.
  • Pre and Probiotics are feed additive that benefits both microbes in the chicken guts and adds beneficial bacteria to the existing population of chickens' digestive tract. Probiotics help the chicken prevent and clear diarrhea in its body. It also helps the chicken body lessen the smelly feces with less ammonia and a better feed conversion ratio.
  • Vitamins and Minerals are essential for chicken survival. Without them, the chicken may suffer a lack of energy, feather abnormalities, feather depigmentation, skin lesion and dermatitis, muscle degeneration, weakness, bone deformation, less egg production, and even neurological disorders.



Treats are the food you give your chicken that is unnecessary but could significantly contribute to your chicken's growth and development.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae 

These insects are known as the best alternative protein source for animal feed because it was raised on a nutritious diet of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates, giving them a healthy balanced diet. In addition, it has 75x more calcium than mealworms, which helps the flock lay strong and consistent eggs. 
 GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

What is good about our Grubterra black soldier fly is that they are an excellent supplement during molting and cold winter months! No additives. No preservatives and 100% natural! Also great for ducks, turkeys, wild birds, and fish!


Oatmeal is one of many bird treats served in winter. It is nutritious and an energizing snack for them. It has vitamins, protein, antioxidants, calcium, choline, copper, iron, magnesium, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and zinc. 
 Oatmeal Chicken Treats

According to a US Department of Agriculture study, feeding oatmeal to chickens improved their general health. When giving it to your chicken, it is unnecessary to cook it. Just add a little hot water then you may now give it directly to your chicken. 

Frozen Yogurt 

Served as probiotics and is one of many chickens treats best done in summer. When you want to create a frozen yogurt for your chicks, you will need fresh milk, cheese, kefir, and yogurt. However, although it is a little bit time-consuming, it's a great way to produce a healthy yogurt for your chicks.
Frozen Yogurt Chicken Treats


Watermelon is one of the typical chicken treats farmers give their chickens because all parts of watermelon are safe to intake, like the pulp, rinds, seed, and even its vine and leaves.  Watermelon Treats

Watermelon is composed of 90% water that helps your chicken hydrate during summer. In addition, It has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, a fair amount of potassium, and even fiber. With watermelon's nutrients, feeding them too much is still not advisable because they will lessen eating their regular food in the long run. 

After filling your thoughts with information, it is time to take action and try some of these treats.

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