GrubTerra Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Reptiles.

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Delivery Frequency

To ensure live delivery, we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS. If you live in a cold area and the Larvae are not moving when your package arrives place them under a heat lamp or in a warm area 78+ degrees for 15-20 minutes after arrival. Black soldier fly larvae can enter a dormant state when they experience cold temperatures.  

High quality live black soldier fly larvae! They are great for reptile, turtle, and bird owners! 

These high-quality larvae are packed with protein fat and have 75 times more calcium than mealworms.

How to keep your larvae alive after arrival! 

You will receive your larvae in small tubs, each containing 500+ live larvae. 

The substrate they are in is a mixture of coconut husk and small bits of food for the larvae to eat while in transit. The coconut husk is safe for reptiles and is used in many reptile enclosures. 

Once the larvae arrive, they should last for up to three weeks. They will need to be fed in the third week if you wish to keep them alive for longer! We recommend feeding them little bits of vegetables with moist bread. This is food that can be easily consumed by the larvae. 

Keep the Larvae in a dark and warm place, preferably, and make sure to close the lid tight! Please do not put them in the refrigerator or in the freezer. 

Shipping, Returns, and Extra Larvae

We ship on Monday-Tuesday to ensure the larvae are delivered live. 

If a few die during transit, we add an extra 15% to every order to ensure you receive a full order!

In the case, a shipment is damaged during transit, or you are dissatisfied with a purchase. Please contact us immediately. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are happy and that you get your larvae! 

When contacting us about damaged shipments, please attach photos.