About GrubTerra

GrubTerra is a social impact company that focuses on creating a sustainable feed source for livestock while also helping to reduce landfill waste.

We currently operate in New Jersey, where we raise our black soldier fly larvae off local restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets food waste.

GrubTerra all started when our founder and CEO, Michael Servais, became fascinated with creating a sustainable business model that could create a healthy feed for animals along with creating a company that would help the environment. Michael discovered black soldier fly larvae and the vast potential they had and founded GrubTerra. The journey has started in his college apartment basement, where he began raising the larvae. After a lot of trial and error, he launched a crowdfunding campaign where GrubTerra was able to get pre-sales to be ready to start the transition into an industrial facility.


All BSFL are raised in USA, Canada, South Africa, Costa Rica. 

Here is a link to our past crowdfunding campaign.