GrubTerra Dried Larvae


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  • Sustainbly Raised: All our larvae are grown in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Never from China!
  • NUTRITIOUS DIET: GrubTerras black soldier fly larvae are raised on a nutritious diet of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates giving them a healthy balanced diet. 
  • SUSTAINABLY RAISED: GrubTerras black soldier fly larvae are raised off of food waste that would have been thrown into landfills and for every 1 pound of grubs purchased 20 pounds of waste was diverted from landfills
  •  STRONGER EGGSHELLS: With 75x more calcium than mealworms, GrubTerra grubs will help your flock lay strong and consistent eggs.  
  • HEALTHIER FEATHER PRODUCTION: GrubTerras Grubs promote stronger eggshells and help hens increase their energy levels and egg production. Grubterra Grubs are also a great supplement during molting season and in the cold winter months!
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: No additives. No preservatives. 100% natural. Also great for ducks, turkeys, and other fowl, as well as wild birds and fish!

Grubterra Dried Black Soldier Fly larvae are a healthy alternative to dried mealworms. Black Soldier Fly Larvae contain 75 times more calcium than mealworms and have the perfect calcium to phosphorus balance for chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pet birds. Birds fed on Black Soldier Fly Larvae have stronger eggshells, healthier feathers, and a stronger ability to fight sickness due to Black soldier Fly antimicrobial benefits. Our black soldier fly larvae are raised on produce and bakery waste from local supermarkets.