BLACK SOLDIER FLY LARVAE:  Your Chicken’s Favorite Treats

BLACK SOLDIER FLY LARVAE: Your Chicken’s Favorite Treats

In this article, we will introduce you to the newest chicken treats on the market - the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Here, you will know what makes these treats more in demand in the market.

So, let’s dive in!

A Black soldier fly or Hermetia illucens is a common fly recognized as a promising alternative source of protein for animal feed that is seen throughout America, Canada, and Europe.

What Do They Eat?

Despite the image of being scavengers, the black soldier fly larvae play an essential role in our environment, especially in reducing food waste.

  • It helps convert 30 metric tons of food waste to approximately ten metric tons and can produce 930kg of dry biomass daily.
  • Simultaneously managing manure and generating a protein source by converting its nutrients into protein and fat makes it an excellent livestock feed additive.
  • And serve as a food supplement to many animals

According to a study, ⅓ of the food we consume ends up in landfills that decompose into water-polluting sludge that creates challenges and worsens the carbon footprints. However, with the help of black soldier fly larvae, the amount of food waste thrown into the landfill lessened.

What’s inside the Black Soldier Fly?

Let’s get started!


Poultry Animals (Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, and Ducks)

According to a study, Black soldier fly larvae are one of the best substitute bird treats for chicken and poultry animals nowadays, especially when compared to mealworms. It is proven to be high in Protein, Calcium content, and Fats, making it the perfect alternative chicken treat.

  • Study shows that the full-fat BSFL can replace up to 15% of the conventional feed ingredients in broiler diets, lowering the feed cost by 19%. As a result, this suggests that BSFL may already be a more affordable ingredient option with no adverse effects on broiler production parameters in some countries.
Chicken Treats
  • It has 36-42% protein, an essential component for all animals, especially in poultry, that is necessary for growth, egg production, immunity, environmental adaptation, and other biological processes due to their amino acid components.
  • And, it has also been proven that it has 75x more calcium than Mealworm, which is required in producing solid eggshells and supports the laying hen's circulatory, neurological, cardiac, and digestive systems.


Reptiles are popular among many people. However, reptiles as predators tend to eat a variety of living organisms, like bugs, cockroaches, flies, and other types of insects. And so, Black soldier fly larvae are developed commercially to be marketed as pet food and to be an insect feeder for exotic pets.

So, here are some of the benefits of feeding black soldier flies to your lovely pets.
  • It has adequate calcium to phosphorus ratio, which plays a vital role in an animal's body. According to Dr. Julia Whittington, an exotic veterinarian, the development and preservation of bones and the operation of muscles and metabolism depend on calcium. If the blood calcium levels are low, they may suffer hypocalcemia, a disease that causes the animal to have muscle spasms and lethargy.

Bearded Dragon

  • It has been demonstrated through recent research on bearded dragons that BFSL promotes growth. According to the study, BSFL gives bearded dragons enough calcium and protein to support quicker growth. In addition, the study demonstrated that bearded dragon hatchlings grew more quickly on a BSFL staple diet than those that received other insects as supplements.


So to give you insight, here is one factor they have considered.
  • Regarding nutrients, they found out that black soldier fly larvae have a high protein and other nutrients our dogs need to be fit and healthy in the long run.
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